After another big breakfast, we leisurely took the short bus ride to one of our favorite castles just outside of Oberammergau. King Ludwig II castle Linderhof is a small castle but is the castle where Ludwig spent most of his time at. The castle is furnished and the grounds are immaculate. We spent all morning at Linderhof and ate lunch on the grounds before departing to the Ettal Monastery a short distance away. We always looked down at the Ettal Monastery from atop the Laber Mountain in Oberammergau and it was nice to see it in person. Also, the Ettal Monastery is one of the oldest breweries in Bavaria. We bought samples of their Ettaler Bier which did not last long. We then departed on a bus tour into Salzburg, Austria where we had reservations for a dinner and a show. The singers perform songs from the Sound of Music and some more traditional Austrian folk songs. It was a nice end to a nice relaxing day.

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