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Damn Abresch Boys

Damn Abresch Boys
Rocket Name:         Damn Abresch Boys
Builder:                   Peter, Ben, Joseph, and JP Abresch 
Rocket Kit:              Custom, self designed for Higgs Farm
Manufacturer:          n/a
Motor Size:              54mm  with 38mm adapter 
Recovery:                Duel, apogee drogue and main at altitude 
Electronics:             Raven V2 flight computer 
Weight w/o motor:   4 lbs 4 ozs 
Current Status:        Ready to fly
Notes:  Damn Abresch Boys was autographed by Space 
Shuttle pilot Ken Reightler from STS-48 and STS-60
Last Updated: 29 November, 2009 9:24 AM April 19, 2015 10:42 AM

This rocket started out as a piece of 48-inch 54mm Carbon Fiber tubing. It is a group project of our own design. The group could not agree on a name so the name was derived from what our neighbors use to call us as we were growing up. It was specifically designed and built for the Mach Madness contests at Higgs Farm.

Flight Logs

Date          Engine     Altitude/Ft   Location          Notes
11/15/2009     Loki L1400     16,301                Higgs Dairy Farm     Red Glare VII/maiden flight, mach 1.86, no damage
04/12/2014     CTI K2045     9,768           Higgs Dairy Farm Red Glare 16/mach 1.31, super fast, recovered close
04/12/2015     CTI K2045     9,758           Higgs Dairy Farm Red Glare 17/mach 1.3, super fast, recovered far
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