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Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda
Rocket Name:         Legend of Zelda 
Builder: Benjamin P. Abresch
Rocket Kit: Vertical Assault 3.0
Manufacturer: Giant Leap Rocketry
Motor Size: 54mm with 38mm adapter
Recovery: Duel, apogee drogue and main at attitude
Electronics: Perfectflite HA45K Barometric
Height: 7 feet 6 inches
Weight w/o motor: 6 lbs 12 ozs
Current Status: Ready to fly
Last Updated: April 19, 2015 10:34 AM

This rocket was a Christmas gift to Ben. It is named and painted after a Nintendo video game series called "Legend of Zelda".

Flight Logs

Date          Engine     Altitude/Ft   Location          Notes
03/15/2008     Loki I405        1964                   Higgs Dairy Farm     nice maiden flight
04/18/2008     Loki I405 2004 Higgs Dairy Farm Red Glare IV/winner of the 2000 foot contest with 2004 feet
09/13/2008     Loki I405 1948 Central Sod Farm mains at 400, parachute barely opened in time 11/07/2008 Loki J528 3456 Higgs Dairy Farm Red Glare V/disappeared for 60 seconds/personal altitude best 11/08/2008 Loki I405 1996 Higgs Dairy Farm Red Glare V/winner of the 2000 foot contest with 1996 feet 12/13/2008 Loki I405 2044 Higgs Dairy Farm Splashed down in stream, rushed to dry it out
04/18/2009     Loki I405 1940 Higgs Dairy Farm Red GlareVI/nice flight - winner of the 2000 foot contest
05/16/2009     Loki I405 1948 Central Sod Farm Ben's Successful Level 1 Certification Flight 07/25/2009 Loki I405 1853 Central Sod Farm nice flight for a very windy day 04/18/2010 Loki I405 1976 Higgs Farm RG8/Peter and Toni flew it, it was a very nice flight
01/15/2011 Loki J396 SF 2230 Higgs Farm Ben's Successful Level 2 Certification Flight
03/10/2012 Loki I405 1972 Higgs Farm Main Parachute opened just in time, nice ascent
06/15/2013 Loki I405 1820 Central Sod Farm Main Parachute failed to inflate, damaged E-Bay coupler
05/17/2014 Loki I405 1875 Central Sod Farm Nice flight, mains were late, tangled in sprinkler system
04/11/2015 Loki J528 3461 Higgs Farm Nice high flight, landed way over on other side of stream
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