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Queen Anne's Revenge

Queen Anne's
Rocket Name:         Queen Anne's Revenge 
Builder:                   Benjamin Abresch 
Rocket Kit:              Intruder
Manufacturer:          Public Missle 
Motor Size:              38mm
Recovery:                Engine Ejection with Piston 
Electronics:             None
Height:                    4 feet 10 inches 
Weight w/o motor:   3 lbs 12 ozs 
Current Status:        Ready to fly
Last Updated: April 20, 2014 3.56 PM

Ben won this rocket as the prize for winning closest to the 2000 Foot contest with 2004 feet during Red Glare IV. The rocket has quantum tubing and piston ejection. It has 2 wing fins and 3 normal fins made from G-10 fiberglass. The rocket was painted in a pirate theme and named after Edward Teach's (Blackbeard) ship. It flys the Blackbeard flag when under chute. Pretty cool.

Flight Logs

Date          Engine     Altitude/Ft   Location          Notes
11/07/2008     Loki H144      1488 Sim            Higgs Dairy Farm     Red Glare V/ Perfect maiden flight with flag flying proud
01/10/2009     Loki H100SF 1080 Sim            Higgs Dairy Farm     chuffing and delayed deployment, no damage, flag flew
02/15/2009     Loki H90R     1340 Sim            Higgs Dairy Farm     nice flight and recovery, flag flew
06/13/2009     Loki H144      1488 Sim            Central Sod Farm     nice flight with flag flying high
06/09/2012 CTI H143 SS 1547 Sim Central Sod Farm another nice flight with flag flying high
07/13/2013 CTI H143 SS 1547 Sim Central Sod Farm great flight with flag fully deploy and waving in the breeze
04/11/2014 CTI H143 SS 1547 Sim Higgs Dairy Farm great flight over the crowd, nice recovery, drifted a bit
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