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Mars Lander

Mars Lander
Rocket Name:         Mars Lander 
Builder: Peter E. Abresch Jr.
Rocket Kit: Mars Lander 2X
Manufacturer: Pappa Tango
Motor Size: 38mm
Recovery: Engine Ejection
Electronics: None
Height: 2 feet 2 inches
Weight w/o motor: 5 lbs 2 ozs
Current Status: Ready to fly

This rocket was a Christmas gift from my wife Toni. The Mars Lander kit has always been a dream to build and fly but always out of my reach in my younger years. Now the rocket is constructed and awaiting its maiden flight.

Flight Logs

Date          Engine  Altitude/Ft   Location Notes
xx/xx/xx     xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx sim  Higgs Dairy Farm maiden flight

Meet the Fleet