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Sally Ride

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Rocket Name:         Sally Ride
Builder: Toni Abresch
Rocket Kit: Mad Dog Duel Deploy
Manufacturer: Performance Rocketry
Motor Size: 54mm with 38mm adapter
Recovery: Duel, apogee drogue and main at altitude
Electronics: Perfectflite HA45K Barometric Altimeter
Weight w/o motor: 9 lbs 3 ozs SD/13 lbs 10 ozs DD
Current Status: Ready to Fly
Last Updated: April 29, 2016 5:42 PM

This rocket was constructed by Toni. It was built as her Level 1 and Level 2 rocket. The rocket is named after Sally Ride, the first US woman in space. It can be flown in two configurations, single deployment or duel deployment.

Flight Logs

Date          Engine     Altitude/Ft   Location          Notes
11/14/2009      Loki I405       Sim 1475            Higgs Dairy Farm     Red Glare VII/successful level 1 certification flight
11/15/2009      Loki J528      1516                   Higgs Dairy Farm     Red Glare VII/successful level 2 certification flight
01/16/2010      Loki J528      1508                   Higgs Dairy Farm     Perfect Flight with nice onboard video
04/16/2010 Loki J528 1340 Higgs Farm RG8/nice Flight, wind dragged it .6 miles, destroyed boostercam
05/16/2010 Loki J528 1500 Central Sod Farm Very nice flight, landed on fields edge
10/26/2010 Loki J528 1452 Higgs Farm Very nice flight, winner of Predict Your Own Altitude Contest
04/09/2011 Loki J528 1468 Higgs Farm Very nice flight, landed over trees in O'Sullivan woods
07/17/2011 Loki J528 1350 Central Sod Farm Very nice flight, landed in the field close by
11/19/2011 CTI J425 1444 Higgs Farm Very nice flight, arced into the wind, nice recovery
04/15/2012 CTI J425 1672 Higgs Farm Very nice flight with nice recovery, landed in the field
07/28/2012 CTI J425 1572 Central Sod Farm In memory of Sally Ride, nice flight, landed in ribbon pattern
11/16/2012 CTI J425 1560 Higgs Farm RG13, nice flight with nice recovery
04/14/2013 CTI J425 1619 Higgs Farm RG14, nice flight with nice recovery in the field
12/14/2013 CTI J425 1624 Higgs Farm RG15, ejected Sparkles the Elf at Apogee
04/13/2014 CTI J425 1604 Higgs Farm RG16, nice flight, landed in stream, no damage
04/12/2015 CTI J425 1662 Higgs Farm RG17, nice flight, electronics landed in stream
04/10/2016 CTI J425 unknown Higgs Farm RG18, electronics never armed, mains never deployed
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