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Sweet Vengeance

Sweet Vengeance
Rocket Name:         Sweet Vengeance 
Builder: Peter E. Abresch Jr. and Ben Abresch
Rocket Kit: modified 7.67 V2
Manufacturer: Loc/Precision
Motor Size: 76mm with 54mm adapter
Recovery: Duel, apogee drouge with tether main
Electronics: ARTS 2 and Perfectflite HA45K
Height: 6 feet 3 inches
Weight w/o motor: 15 lbs 10 ozs
Current Status: Ready to fly

This rocket was extensively modified from the original Loc V2 kit. It was made longer and with a 76mm motor mount. It is painted in the old Der Red Max paint scheme. A drogue is ejected at apogee and the mains are tethered in the body tube until the preset main altitude is reached. A recent repair has added an additional 3 inches to the total height.

Flight Logs

Date          Engine     Altitude/Ft   Location          Notes

04/18/2008     Loki K960 3416 Higgs Dairy Farm Red Glare IV/late deployment led to zipper damage
11/07/2008 Loki K960 3108 Higgs Dairy Farm Red Glare V/Perfect flight late in the day
04/18/2009     Loki K960 3389 Higgs Dairy Farm Red GlareVI/Perfect flight with nice descent
10/24/2010     Loki K960 3024 Higgs Farm Red GlareIX/Nice Flight, landed in fence at Welding Shop
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