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August 2011 Launch Report
August 13-14, 2011 at Central Sod Farm

Another rocket launch weekend arrived. Toni decided to attend the launch at the last moment. We left early in the morning to sneak across the Bay Bridge before the August beach traffic. We were not successful as the traffic was worse than anticipated. We managed to slowly make the crossing with much horn honking and colorful expletives uttered out at those that obviously do not know how to drive across a bridge. We immediately baled off on the back roads of Kent Island and made our way to Holly’s for some breakfast. After breakfast, we killed some time at some antique shops where Toni discovered a deal on some old wine glasses while I talked shop with a fellow trunk restorer. We then headed to the Sod Farm to help set up.

We set the launch equipment up in the back field on the hard dirt that remained after the freshly harvested sod. Many rocketeers helped and set up was completed in no time. The skies were cloudy with a constant threat of rain. The day was cool for an Eastern Shore August day which brought many rocketeers out of their air conditioned living rooms to fly some rockets. I was no exception.

I soon had the newly repaired Shaken, Not Stirred prepped and with an eye to the sky, had the rocket sitting on the pad. The enamored LCO once again expressed his praise for such a nice rocket before finally pushing the button where the Loki H144 pushed Shaken, Not Stirred 1,280 feet into the overcast skies. Shaken, Not Stirred gently arced over where the drogue deployed. Shaken, Not Stirred quickly descended and majestically deployed its mains at 400 feet. Shaken, Not Stirred came to rest in the nice soft sod. This was one of the nicest flights for Shaken, Not Stirred in a long time. I took my bows and proudly made the short walk to retrieve the rocket. Witness this nice flight here.

I cleaned the engine while the rains came. I packed everything in the Highlander to keep it dry. It rain just long enough to make the field muddy. After a short downburst, the club was back in business sending rockets into the air. I filmed some other flights and lent a hand where I could before it was time to head home. We arrived home muddy but satisfied in the day’s launch.

Ben and I left early Sunday morning to fly some more rockets but the rains never relented and we ended up closing the field during the small break in clouds that the rocket gods provided. Until the next launch . . .

By Peter E. Abresch Jr.
Our spot along the flight Line

By Peter E. Abresch Jr.

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Shaken, Not Stirred descending under mains
Shaken, Not Stirred in the soft sod
The rains left the field muddy
Another rocketeer's electronics
Shaken, Not Stirred in the
        soft sod
Our spot along the flight Line
Shaken, Not Stirred
        descending under mains 
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Another rocketeer's electronicsThe rains left the field muddy