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October 2011 Launch Report
October 15, 2011 at Central Sod Farm

Tis the season of Red Glare but the recent wet weather has prevented the crops from being harvested at Higgs Farm. So Toni and I found ourselves heading to the Central Sod Farm for a rare October launch. We crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge without any issues and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with fellow rocketeers at Hollys. We then headed to Higgs Farm to complete some chores before arriving at the sod farm.

The wind was howling and the dust flying. It took a while to decide where to set up the launch equipment. A spot was found past the sod farm offices and the field was soon set up.

I had Shaken, Not Stirred prepped and itching to fly but was not happy with the possible recovery areas due to the winds. Shaken, Not Stirred could have smacked against the large irrigation system, or if it missed that, would have slammed into someone’s windshield in the parking area. If Shaken, Not Stirred made it passed the parking area, it would have entered the trees that shade the office area. If it made it past the trees, it would have landed on the large roofs of the office or warehouse. I decided to keep Shaken, Not Stirred in the silo. Shaken, Not Stirred will have to fly another day.

I videoed some flights and assisted other members the best I could. The weather was warm despite the howling winds and the dust devils. A nice day out in the sun watching rockets beats any day inside. Toni and I made our way back home when the sun started to set.

Red Glare XI dates are November 18-20, 2011. Many flyers east of the Mississippi are itching to fly and Red Glare XI is expected to showcase many of these large projects. If you like the roar of rockets and feeling the ground trembling from liftoffs, then Red Glare XI is the place to be. Until the next launch . . .

By Peter E. Abresch Jr.
Sunny skies and strong winds
Recovery Obstacles
By Peter E. Abresch Jr.
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  Sunny skies and
        strong winds
Recovery Obstacles 

Shaken, Not Stirred landing in the small beans
Sally Ride landing in the beans
Peter with Shaken, Not Stirred just prior to the flight