After a much needed rest, we woke early on day 2 to enjoy breakfast. We checked out of the Grand Prie Hotel and left for a walking tour of the old section of Geneva, enjoying the old architecture and statues along the way. We then departed on a tour boat to enjoy the sights on Lake Geneva, including the tallest water fountain in the world. The boat tour on the lake was cool and refreshing as we departed Geneva on our way to Zermatt. The scenery was beautiful along the way and we arrived in Zermatt after about a 4 hour ride. In Zermatt we quickly checked in and then took the Gornergra Cog Rail to the summit to enjoy un-obstructive views of the Materhorn as we sat down to enjoy dinner. Reluctantly we descended back down to Zermatt in the setting sun to enjoy some night life before witnessing day 2 come to an end.

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