We woke up in Zermatt and enjoyed a nice breakfast. We made the 5-minute walk from the hotel to the train station to catch the Glacier Express. We had reserved the last car for our group and pre-ordered a gourmet lunch that would be served at lunch time. The Glacier Express meanders through the Swiss Alps and took 8 hours to reach our final destination of St. Moritz, Switzerland. It is the only way to experience the Swiss Alps. On the way we enjoyed fine Swiss Wine, Grappa, and a delicious gourmet lunch. After arriving in St. Moritz, we checked into the hotel and then started our trek to a recommended restaurant on the other side of the lake. We enjoyed Chateau Briand while enjoying the beautiful views down the lake as the sun set behind St. Moritz. We returned taking the opposite side of the lake and crashed for the night bringing the third day to an end.

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