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March 2015 Launch Report
March 28-29, 2015 at Higgs Farm

After Februaryís dismal rocket launch, I was looking forward to getting a rocket into the air. Marchís rocket launch had to already be re-scheduled due to, once again, terrible weather. I made my solo trek to the Eastern Shore Saturday morning and popped through the Brigadoon bubble that surrounded Higgs Farm. This Brigadoon bubble had its own weather pattern as I left blue skies and entered into a windy blizzard of snow. The field was cold, wet, with limited visibility due to intense snow. At around 10:00 AM I wised up and jump back on the right side of the fine line between dedication and stupidity and started my trek back to the Western Shore. Once back on the Western Shore, the skies were blue, the winds calm, and more importantly, no rain or snow. I was able to actually get some yard work around the house completed while it continued to snow back at the field. I was told there were only less than a handful of flights.

Sunday morning I woke again with that pending itch to fly. Toni and I leisurely made my return to Higgs Farm and arrived in early afternoon to a crowded field, sunny skies, blustery winds, and an illusion of warmth. I filmed some flights and paid close attention to what the winds were doing at the various altitudes. Once I was happy, I took Shaken, Not Stirred out of the car and dusted her off.

Shaken, Not Stirred was prepped with the familiar CTI H120-Red motor and taken to the pad where she bobbed in the wind until it was time to launch. Shaken, Not Stirred took to the skies on her red plume and arced into the wind at 1,387 feet where the apogee ejection charge separated her and deployed the small drogue. Shaken, Not Stirred danced during her descent and successfully deployed her mains at 300 feet above the field. The wind carried Shaken, Not Stirred and dropped her just this side of the creek where she was recovered without damage. Shaken, Not Stirred was the second last flight for the day and I felt glad that my itch was scratched.

We packed up the field and headed to Adamís Ribs to celebrate a fellow memberís birthday before heading home. It was a salvaged weekend that ended well. Next month is Red Glare 17 and everyone east of the Mississippi is hoping for great weather. We shall see. See all the day's flights here. Until the next launch . . .

By Peter E. Abresch Jr.

By Peter E. Abresch Jr.

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Pile of organic chicken fertilizer, luckily down wind

Toni rtrieving Sally Ride
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Shaken, Not Stirred did not quite make it to the creek
Pile of organic chicken
        fertilizer, luckily down wind

Shaken, Not Stirred did
        not quite make it to the creek