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February 2011 Construction Report
Mars Lander Construction

Here it is February already and all I have completed is a parts inventory. I keep looking at all those pieces, over and over again and I can not help but wonder if this pile of parts will truly transform into a flying Mars Lander that will recover upright under bright colorful chutes. I study the directions over and over in a vain attempt to visualize this construction. I dare not make a mistake as that will cost extra money and time. I find the 47-step instruction manual intimidating for my first Mars Lander. However, I cannot remain grounded forever so it is now time to break out some epoxy.

And then time stood still. My window of opportunity closed as other obligations took priority. The box of parts and the Mars Lander Project went on the shelf. I hope to pick the project back up in the summer.

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By Peter E. Abresch Jr.
All the pieces
All the pieces out of the box